Enjoy the slim sightlines, durability and thermal efficiency that define aluminium windows. We supply and install in Alresford and Hampshire.

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Windows that exude style without sacrificing strength and quality

Aluminium windows have continued to progress over the years, and today they more than fulfil their promise of being tough, stylish and thermally efficient windows that are an asset to any home.

What sets aluminium frames apart is their remarkably slim sightlines. Their slimline nature gives more room for glazing, leading to better views, a stylish contemporary appearance and enhanced kerb appeal.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Aluminium Windows
Exclusive Double Glazing - Aluminium Windows

Durable, maintenance free and the eco-friendly choice

Aluminium is an excellent material in that it is highly resistant to degradation. Aluminium won’t rust or decay, and what’s more it’s extremely strong – especially considering how lightweight it is.

Aluminium is recyclable, too, which means that by opting for aluminium windows you are contributing to a future with less plastic waste and more sustainability.

What makes aluminium windows ideal?

  • Strong and secure
  • Rot resistant
  • Bespoke colours, styles and designs
  • Slimline for a stylish, contemporary appearance
  • Thermally efficient
  • Extra space for glazing allows even more light into your property
Exclusive Double Glazing - Aluminium Windows