Bay and bow windows: supplied and fitted in properties in Alresford and Hampshire

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An attractive window style that will prove an asset to your home

Bay windows and bow windows are both extremely attractive architectural features that never fail to look impressive from the outside, giving your home prominence over the surrounding properties.

From the inside, you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views – in fact, bay and bow windows are great places to sit and read a book, browse on your tablet or just watch the world go by. Our bay and bow windows can be manufactured from uPVC or aluminium frames depending on your requirements.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Bay and Bow Windows
Exclusive Double Glazing - Bay and Bow Windows

Bay or bow - what's the difference?

Bay windows are formed by connecting three or more windows together, and having them angled so that they protrude beyond the exterior wall, creating a box-like shape.

Bow windows also protrude beyond the outer wall. However, they do so in a graceful, circular manner. As such, they tend to be larger and require more glass due to the absence of corners.

About our bay and boy windows

  • Choice of glazing
  • Choose uPVC or aluminium frames
  • Enjoy panoramic views
  • Square, splay and corner bay windows available
  • Choose a bow window for an even more elegant finish
  • Well-insulated and secure
Exclusive Double Glazing - Bay and Bow Windows