Composite doors - bringing the best materials and technology together for amazing performance

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We've installed composites for homes throughout Alresford and Hampshire

Composite doors have been rapidly gaining in popularity over the years and have come to represent the standard to which all doors aspire when it comes to overall performance.

Aesthetic appeal, security, weatherproofing, sound and thermal efficiency, reliability: composite doors have all these qualities in spades.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Composite Doors
Exclusive Double Glazing - Composite Doors

What's in a composite door?

Composite doors bring the best of a multitude of materials together to create the ultimate door. A solid foam or timber core combines with fibreglass, uPVC and other materials to create a result that is incredibly strong, resilient to warping, cracking and fading, and which has excellent thermal qualities.

Composites - the benefits:

  • Resistant to cracking, warping, fading and peeling
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Thermally efficient
  • Huge range of colours, designs and finishes
  • Incredibly secure cylinder barrel locks
  • Highly weatherproof
  • Incredibly durable
  • Plenty of customisation (locks, handles, glazing, letterboxes etc)
Exclusive Double Glazing 66
Exclusive Double Glazing - Composire Doors

Design your Composite Door

Composite doors are available in a multitude of styles and designs, suitable for any type of home or business building. With a wide variety of colours, glazing patterns and styles, door accessories and hardware – the choice is endless.

Now you can visualise your finished door by tailoring the design of your new doors to your own specification. Choose your own style, colour and other options and visualise the door before you buy. We will then quote for your finished design.