A convenient and cost-effective solution for reducing bills and insulating your home

All of our uPVC and aluminium windows comes double-glazed as standard (although we now also offer even higher-quality triple glazing!).

Double glazing will help to keep the cold weather out of your home, whilst ensuring that the warmth stays inside your property for longer – meaning less money spent on heating bills. They are significantly more secure than single-glazed windows, making them the obvious choice for any home regardless of how traditional or contemporary it may be.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Double Glazing
Exclusive Double Glazing - Double Glazing

We can install double-glazing for all of our windows and doors, which include

  • Tilt and turn
  • Sash
  • Georgian
  • Casement
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Bi-fold, French and patio doors
  • Composite doors

The benefits of double glazing

  • Secure
  • Low U-values for extra energy efficiency
  • Expertly fitted by our friendly team
  • Keeps your home warm and dry
  • Can be fitted into just about any window type
  • Choice of glazing styles and frames
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