Georgian windows - bringing timeless elegance to Alresford and Hampshire homes

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Classic windows brought into the modern age

Georgian windows are a much-loved, classic style of window. Featuring small panes of glass arranged in a grid pattern, they are instantly recognisable and never fail to convey an elegant charm that hearkens back to a simpler time.

Georgian windows are well-suited to just about any home, so whether you’re looking to replace your existing timber-framed windows or you simply appreciate their aesthetic appeal, contact Exclusive Double Glazing Ltd and we’ll discuss the many design options we can offer you.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Georgian Windows
Exclusive Double Glazing - Georgian Windows

Made from high-quality uPVC

The benefit of choosing uPVC is of course the security, durability and energy-efficient qualities they offer you. Enjoy the timeless beauty of Georgian windows whilst benefiting from the contemporary features that uPVC represents.

We can even offer windows that offer incredibly realistic woodgrain finishes for an extra dash of authenticity.

Benefits of our uPVC Georgian windows:

  • Elegant, traditional design
  • Durable ansecure
  • Energy efficient
  • A selection of bar styles
  • An excellent replacement for older, timber windows
  • A variety of finishes, including woodgrain effect
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