Tilt and turn windows supplied and fitted for Alresford and Hampshire properties

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Windows that are unique, highly functional and stylish!

Tilt and turn windows open up a whole new world of versatility and functionality to users, leading to their increasing popularity in homes throughout Hampshire.

Tilt and turn windows allow you to open the windows securely for ventilation purposes, whilst also giving you the opportunity to open them fully inwards for even more ventilation, easy cleaning and expansive views of the outside.

What’s more, they come with all the high-quality glazing and security features as our other windows, making them an excellent choice if you’re looking to replace some of the windows in your property.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Tilt and Turn
Exclusive Double Glazing - Tilt and Turn

How do tilt and turn windows work?

A single turn of the handle allows you to open the window from the top. The window locks in place, allowing ventilation without compromising security.

By turning the handle again, you activate the side hinge, giving you the ability to open the window inwards like a door. Alternatively, we can install windows that open from the bottom and swing outwards rather than inwards!

Tilt and turn - the benefits:

  • Easy to clean
  • Secure
  • Look great
  • Allow for larger window sizes
  • Versatile design
  • Allow for excellent ventilation
  • Air-sealed for insulation
  • In-built safety features to prevent falls and trapped fingers
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