Triple-glazed windows: for the ultimate in insulation and energy efficiency in Alresford and Hampshire homes

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The highest standards of thermal efficiency

Windows are responsible for a considerable amount of heat loss from homes. Anyone who’s lived in a property with single glazing will understand just how cold it can get during winter – and just how quickly the heat dissipates shortly after switching the heating off.

Double glazing has long set the standard when it comes to thermal efficiency – or at least, that was the case until triple glazing came on the market! Triple glazing provides an even greater level of energy efficiency, eliminating draughts and cold spots and saving you money on heating your home.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Triple Glazing
Exclusive Double Glazing - Triple Glazing

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing consists of three panes of glass, rather than the two that comprise double glazing. This means that in each unit, there are now two insulating cavities instead of one, further reducing heat loss and draughts and keeping the cold weather at bay.

How does triple glazing benefit you and your home?

  • They’re tough, being extremely difficult to break
  • Help to keep energy bills lower
  • Eliminate cold and draughts
  • Low U-values mean your home is more energy efficient than ever
  • Security – triple-glazed windows are a major hindrance to burglars
Exclusive Double Glazing - Triple Glazing