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Door and window repair

Extend the life of your doors and windows with comprehensive door and window maintenance services from Exclusive Double Glazing Ltd. If you have any problems with your windows, doors, fascias or soffits, you can rely on our high-quality maintenance service.

At Exclusive Double Glazing Ltd our experienced workers will take care of all your maintenance or repairs quickly and efficiently. We always carry a large stock of spares, so no matter the issue, we can have it fixed for you in no time. We have a wealth of experience in repairing double-glazed doors and windows.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Maintenance
Exclusive Double Glazing - Maintenance

Maintenance services include:

  • Window repairs and maintenance
  • Door repairs and maintenance
  • Repairs of fascias and soffits
  • Guttering repairs and maintenance

Cheaper than replacement!

Although there are times when replacement is by far the better option, this is not always the case.

If we think an item can be reliably repaired, we will always offer this as an option, instead of suggesting you fork out the extra cash to have your door or window completely removed and replaced. Trust, honesty and integrity are cornerstones of everything we do.

Exclusive Double Glazing - Maintenance